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    Answers to the more commonly asked questions

    Everyone has questions and we try to have all the answers here for you. If you have a question that’s not included, please contact us via email and we will respond within 24 hours.

    Is it free to join Mannies?

    Mannies is 100% free to join for families and the Mannie.

    Is my account private?

    Yes. We do not sell members’ information to third party organizations. keeps your data confidential. We maintain a monitored email system that allows you to communicate through instead of your personal email. We also use strong inscription technology to protect your personal and private information.


    Does complete the screening of Mannies or families?

    It is important to be safe so we strongly recommend that you conduct interviews, check all records and check employment history and run your own background searches on candidates you show an interest.

    What services are provided through

    We have 9 specific areas of service at this time:

    1. Nanny Mannie
    2. Sports Mannie
    3. Pet Mannie
    4. Project Mannie
    5. Technology Mannie
    6. Senior & Special Needs Care Mannie
    7. Tutor Mannie
    8. Mechanic Mannie
    9. Music Mannie

    We plan to add more as requests come in from families and Mannies.

    How does a mannie get paid?

    A mannie is hired for a project and the family will make the agreed upon payment to an escrow account held by Once the job is complete, releases the escrow monies less a 10% commission directly to the mannie.

    How do I apply to find a Mannie?

    Families seeking help from a mannie can apply by completing the online registration form. Once we review and approve your application, you will then be able to create your profile and begin searching for mannies to fill your needs.

    How do I go about getting a project through Mannies?

    A mannie offering a service can apply to by completing the online registration form. Once we review and approve your application, you will then be able to create your profile and begin posting jobs for hire.

    What safety steps should I take before hiring a Mannie?

    It is important to screen, check references, interview, run background checks and monitor the mannie on the job. Additional information is provided on the Safety page.

    Does Mannies provide background checks?

    Mannies does not conduct background checks. However, you are free to conduct your own background check on any of the candidates you wish to hire.

    How does the Mannie hiring process work?

    Once you post a project/job opportunity, Mannies will begin to respond by providing their credentials and quoting fees. We urge you to carefully review all proposals and respond to the Mannies you feel will be most qualified. You can also schedule face-to-face interviews, which we recommend. You can search for Mannies and ask them to quote your project.

    Do I pay a hired Mannie directly?

    No. You will make payments through through an escrow account, where the funds are held until the services are rendered to the satisfaction of the family and the Mannie.

    What are the tips for conducting an interview?

    Once you have a short-list to consider, schedule 10-minute phone interviews with each candidate. It’s amazing how quickly you can feel out the potential relationship through a quick call. For certain hires, decisions can be made following this call.

    However, when hiring for more intimate services such as senior and child care, you need to schedule in-person interviews in a public place. Schedule these meetings at a coffee shop or other public venue. Once you are down to the final 2 candidates, a final interview should take place with your Senior loved one or child, to see how they connect.

    Can I preview the database before I register?

    We welcome you to preview our database in search of the right mannie or family. After you sign up for, you will then be able to make direct contact using our email messaging system.

    What steps does take to protect my personal information? is developed with strong inscription technology to protect your personal and private information. We utilize firewalls and SSL to protect against unauthorized access.

    What is a Mannie ("nanny") tax?

    Under the law, a “nanny mannie” is considered a household employee and you may need to calculate, file, and pay mannie (nanny payroll tax) in order to avoid costly fines and penalties. You may want to retain the services of a tax accountant in order to protect yourself as an employer and to help ensure that your mannie obtains the benefits he may be entitled to receive.

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