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    Additional Tips to Hire a Mannie for Senior Care

    1 — Interview Candidates

    Remember that it is always necessary to act with caution when communicating with anyone you do not know. We recommend when you connect with a potential caregiver, you communicate through Mannies’ website so a communication history can be created. Also, don’t hesitate to stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information and notify member services immediately by email at

    Start with a brief phone interview with candidates you’d like to get to know. Just 10 minutes over the phone can help you determine a lot about their professionalism, personality, and experience. Listen to your intuition — if something doesn’t feel right, take a pass on that particular candidate; no amount of questioning will settle those initial feelings.

    Now you should have a good feeling about which caregivers might be a good hire. Meet your final list of candidates face-to-face to ask more in-depth questions. For your initial in-person interview, you should meet the caregivers at a coffee shop or other popular public place.

    Introduce candidates to your Senior loved one, even if you already have an idea for the best fit mannie. Your loved one can help you identify the top candidates. And if a caregiver has trouble interacting with your loved one while you’re around, he probably can’t handle them while you’re out.

    2 — Verify History & Background

    Mannies does not prescreen any candidate for hire. All service providers have the option to voluntarily submit to a basic level background screening. On the service provider’s profile page, a badge of security will be displayed for those providers who obtained the basic background screening. If you are considering a mannie who has not yet provided a background screening, you can request this process be initiated.

    Contact the references listed on the mannies’ profile, and feel free to ask for more references. Be sure to verify the information your potential caregiver has given you is correct and ask questions about how he performed on the job.

    You have the option of initiating a background check if you so desire. You may also need to include a DMV check if the mannie will be involved in providing transportation services. You should have already reviewed the basic level screening. If you want to initiate a background screening, you must obtain authorization and consent from the service provider. Mannies does not provide this service, so it must be initiated on your own.

    3 — Monitor the Relationship

    Always ask your Senior loved one how the relationship with the mannie is doing. Once you’ve hired a caregiver, observe them on-the-job to ensure they are meeting your expectations. Their reactions or feelings could reveal a lot about what’s happening when you’re not around.

    Warning signs include lack of energy and enthusiasm, a patronizing attitude, or reluctance to change. Additional signs include the caregiver blaming your loved one for problems or issues they didn’t cause, or demanding a level of perfect behavior no person could meet.

    Looks for signs of change in your Senior love one, such as behavior, physical, attitude, and overall behavior. Does your Senior loved one suddenly change moods when your mannie arrives? You know your Senior loved one best, so go with your best observation and hunch as to how the relationship with your mannie is doing.

    Installing a nanny cam often helps parents ease any fears about leaving their Senior loved one with a caregiver.

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