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Mannies' Story

2 Sisters with a Vision

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Mannies.com is the creation of 2 sisters, Linda and Brenda Hockstein. While working full-time trying to juggle parenthood, families and household chores, the sisters brainstormed how to manage it all. At the same time, Brenda’s babysitter was leaving for college and she needed to find someone new.

Her babysitter suggested “what about my brother, Jeffrey…he’s great with kids.” Brenda gave him a try and by the time Brenda got home, Jeffrey had transformed her house into a mini-adventure land filled with forts and railroad tracks. Brenda wondered, “Why isn’t a male babysitter an option for all households?”  As a single parent raising two boys, Linda immediately saw the advantages of a positive male role model.

Mannies Becomes Reality

What began as child care only, has evolved into providing services for families across the board. Mannies is committed to creating jobs for men while knocking down gender stereotypes.

With increasing schedule demands, families need an extra hand. Seniors depend upon assistance. Children benefit from tutors. Homes need remodeling. Cars break down. Computers get viruses. Specially challenged individuals require support. Dogs crave attention.

Brenda and Linda are two of five sisters who have always been very close. They are raising their sons down the street from one another. It is wonderful to add business partners to their list by connecting families with Mannies.

Mannies will continue to evolve as the needs of its clients and Mannies expand. Our mission is to “match the unique skills of men with the unique needs of families.” Society is much different today with the increase of single parent households and working parent households. Things as simple as dropping your children off a multiple activities can be a schedule-buster, yet the growth of domestic Mannies is addressing this unique need.

“I know first-hand the stress of trying to balance work, family time and maintaining a home. It is a privilege and a responsibility to help families ease this pressure by connecting them with quality Mannies.”
— Brenda Hockstein

“As a single mother of two boys and the sole provider of my household, I place a tremendous priority on knowing my children are cared for by wonderful, responsible Mannies. Now we make that possible for families across the country.”
— Linda Hockstein